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Yes, I am still alive, have not forgotten my blog just yet. Have not felt like posting or writing anything that is all. This would be a good time to update any of those that care (zero!) on some news of my life. At the end of November, I have graduated from ITT Technical Institute with an Associate Degree of Computer Science majoring in Computer Network Systems. It was a two year course which took me about three years…long story. I just enrolled again for another 2 years to turn that A.S. into a Bachelor. B.S. in Information System Security, so far the first couple of classes are mostly review.

I’ll try to make some time and post more to my blog…I hope.


Playing around with the newest beta release from VMware and I must say I’m pretty happy with a few of the added features. The one I like the most is Unity, which was first seen on the Mac with Parallels and VMware Fusion. [That is all I have right now, work in progress…]

Screenshot of Unity in action:

VMware Unity on Windows Vista

VMware Unity on Windows Vista