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Monthly Archives: February 2009

This is a bit of a rant, those of the public that dislike reading ranting and raving blog post turn away now.

I’ve become quiet sick of hearing about how certain techniques or ways to build or have to do with web sites in general is either good or bad for search engines. The last time I checked a web site is not made for search engines, a web site if for the human users that access it. Majority of amateur developers (if you can call them that) use a false idea of “SEO” to base their decisions on. Seems to be a lack of web developers out there focus on the actual users and their needs!

It is really very simple to make a web sites work for both human users and search engine robots. Make use of web standards, semantic HTML, good, useful, and unique content that is updated all the time. You do not even need to worry about if your site is using CSS or Javascript, when done right they will have no effect on the users or search engines. Of course being used right means, the site does not depend on CSS or Javascript to function.

Choosing a technology or technique for a web site should not be based on “SEO” but rather the human users that are going to be using the site.