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I started to learn C a few days ago after I received “Beginning C from Novice to Professional” by Ivor Horton. I wanted to learn C for a while now but never found the time or will until now. Sofar I’m flipping thought the first pages skipping a good portion of the basics since most of it I learned while doing PHP.

I wonder if I’m taking too much on my plate, I have school to focus on, various projects I’m doing with PHP (More on that later), trying to learn Ruby and Rails while I’m at it. Course I’m trying to learn C now, There is more too: wasting away some of my time in Second Life, Yahoo chat rooms, and Sitepoint Forums.

As long as I take it easy and work on learning chunks at a time I should be fine. To write and compile my first C programs I am using Visual Studio 2008 Professional given to me by Microsoft free of charge, just for being a student. It took me a bit to figure out how to compile C and not C++ was a bit hidden in the project options. I’ll disclose the details on that later as well.

That is for now, more post to follow.



  1. I suggest also playing around with a bit of assembly (if you have the patience and time).

  2. Edit: not x86 assembly. It is fugly. Check out SPARC or MIPS. Stick to one of the purely RISC architectures (even though x86 is RISC like insofar as microcode is translated down to different instructions).

    SPARC, despite its register naming conventions (%g0, %g1, …, %l0, …) has a beautiful architecture. The m4 macro language is also very fun to play with.

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